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What is THE WRITE DNA? A readers paradise for a little happy.

Hello There,

I’m so glad that somehow you found your way to join me here on The Write DNA. If you’re anything like me, you spend your days taking care of everyone else, desperately searching for those quiet moments when you can finally stop and take care of you. I know we do our best not to take on too much, but sometimes it happens.  The Write DNA is here to help you STOP, get off the ride, and relax.

We’re ramping up the book lover lifestyle to give readers exciting new ways to enjoy what they already love–fiction love stories that inspire the soul. There is no time more than ever when our emotions need support and a little extra self-care. And what better way to do that than turning up the level on what already brings you joy.

I’m hoping that The Write DNA will be a welcoming space for you to decompress, find inspiration, and alleviate the pressures we all encounter in our daily lives.  Whether you’re looking for your next romance book, relaxing with book lover games, looking for a way to support diversity in publishing, or weathering the DIY challenges of being a freelancer in literature today, you’ll find it at The Write DNA.  

Get games, inspiration, and books to read.

We’re Giving readers a place to relax, have fun, and ESCAPE the stress of the day!

TWD - Book Lover Lifestyle Online Magazine - Get games, inspiration, and books to read.
What does The Write DNA have to offer?

BOOKLOVERLAND – A readers relaxation area to play “booklover” games, including quizzes, crossword puzzles, and word search games. View Now.

YOU HAD ME AT THE COVER – An area that highlights book covers that had us wanting to buy before even reading the blurb. #bookcovers Coming Soon.

THE LITERARY KNOCKOUT – Get a first-row seat to our segment where we team two books in the same genre up against one another to see who comes out on top from branding to the first-page hook and more. View Now.

THE GIFT SHOP – A great place to find book lover gifts from hoodies, t-shirts, cups, and home decor. Coming Soon.

THE UNLIMITED RSJ COLUMN – A column promoting and supporting the romance book industry and diversity in publishing. Or better said by the Merriam-Webster dictionary: Diversity …being composed of differing elements… especiallythe inclusion of different types of people (such as people of different races or cultures). The Unlimited RSJ Column contributor is STCC Book Club. View Now.

THE LOVE IN QUOTES SECTIONWhy do we love QUOTES?  QUOTES are uplifting and inspiring, creating a transcendent experience of hope, leaving us feeling less alone and connected with humanity’s kindness. In short, because they are magical messages filling our yearning for love and support. For now, you’ll find them on the sidebars of each article at The Write DNA.

THE AUTHORS CORNER – An area for readers who have crossed over into the world of writing, producing love stories, and taking on the challenging world of building a brand and marketing books. View Now.

Let The Write DNA be a place where you can come to find a little happy every day.  By the way, do you subscribe to author newsletters?  I’ve got a trick to get authors to help you smile every time an email hits your inbox; I’ll write about it soon and let you know all about it.  That’s all for now.  Stay awhile! Explore and have fun!

Editor - Karol

Karol Jarvis
Editor of the online magazine, The Write DNA
Event Operations Director for RSJ Book Lovers’ Convention

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