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What is The Literary Knockout? A New Way to Present Book Reviews

The Literary Knockout: Book Reviews with a punch.

COMING SOON – We’re tossing two books into the boxing ring for a challenge.  That’s right, the gloves are off, and we’re giving it to you straight from the shoulder.  Both books will put up their dukes and go onto the ropes in a combat sport of creative writing.  Each will compete for the supreme winner’s spot leaving the other punch-drunk onto the mat.

One book will receive the championship title while the other is delivered a knockout.

How does the Literary Knockout work?  Well, in making sure that neither book hits below the belt, both books will be in the same genre and will square off in three rounds.  And here’s the catch.  Now you knew there would be a catch.  In round three, you, as a reader, have the chance to beat us to the punch by voting for the book you like the best to keep your favorite of the two books in the ring.  As a result, authors will have to roll with the punches while we try to keep the low blows to a minimum.

Our readers will have a ringside seat as we give you the blow-by-blow as one book receives the championship title while the other is delivered a knockout.  Keep your guard up and stay alert as we present a KO challenge between some of your favorite books and authors.


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