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BOOKS TO READ  |  The Amazing Date by Romance Book Author Mel Walker

The Amazing Date by Romance Book author Mel Walker

Have you read second chance romance book, The Amazing Date by Mel Walker?

Sometimes my schedule is so busy that I have to wonder why in the hell did I even click that “LOOK INSIDE this book” button when I already have a list of books on my shelf waiting to be read.  And that’s what happened when I went into Amazon and found the novel “The Amazing Date” by Mel Walker.

First of all, I’m always fascinated when I find male romance writers, only because the industry likes us to think that they don’t exist when we know there are male romance writers and male romance readers too.  So when I dared to look inside “The Amazing Date” book, I knew right away I was in trouble.

My First Impression About this Romance Book

The first chapter was fun; in the second chapter, I was hooked, wondering what in the hell did she do?  And by the end of the third chapter, Damn it, I’m going to have to buy this book!  My next thought was, “I’m gonna kick that Mel Walker’s ass.  I’m going to have to read this book!  I don’t have time to read this book.”  – “Shhh, don’t tell Mel.”

Just know that Mel Walker, author of “The Amazing Date,” has hit a home run on distracting me from my daily work and chores.  He has also touched on an essential aspect of marketing your book.  And what is that vital part?  Make readers fall in love in the first three chapters.  Check, Check.

The Amazing Date by Mel Walker

SECOND CHANCE ROMANCE BOOK: The Amazing Date by Mel WalkerWhen my eyes first set on Rylee, I knew she had the ability to either steal my heart or break it.  I never expected her to do both.

Four years later, I thought she was my past, but once again I am wrong.

Fate has decided to play a game with my heart. Rylee and I are entered in the same competition. A team competition that has us racing around the country. And, you guessed it, she’s my partner.

Can I survive being attached at the hip to the one woman who has my blood boiling and my heart racing at the same time? Time to find out.

Ready…Set ….Go.

Let the games begin. ~ BUY NOW

The Inspiration for the Amazing Date Romance Book

I reached out to author Mel Walker and asked him, “What inspired you to write this book?”  Here is what he had to say:  “I got the idea for this book when I was watching the television show, “The Amazing Race.”  So to all of you authors out there watching television when you know you should be writing, I guess you have a reprieve.

The Amazing Date was such a fun read, and the best part to me was watching how all the moving pieces connected towards the end.  And I love a book with a feel-good message, a moral to the story, you could say.

If the rest of the books in author Mel Walker’s catalog keep up with what I’ve already experienced, readers will enjoy reading not only this book but many more to come.  I thoroughly enjoyed the ride I was taken on by reading “The Amazing Date.”  So get your copy now, hold onto your seats, and get ready for those tingly feel-goods that romance books always promise to deliver.  This book is a sweet romance winner.  – CLICK HERE to get your copy now.


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