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ROMANCE BOOK COVERS | Love Again by Author Vonna Ivory Joseph Delivers a Visual Cleanse

Romance Books to Read: Love Again by Author Vonna Ivory Joseph

Scanning through a group of romance books can be an endless journey. Can’t someone just say, “Hey, the good books are over there, the bad ones are in the back.” You’d think the vast array of choices would be a good thing, but for someone like me who has to go into every single store to make sure they’re buying just the right thing, not so much. These days it takes me longer to shop online than it did in-person. So what’s the point, you ask.

Well, after scanning the virtual aisles of numerous romance books with sexy embraces and beefcake bare chested men galore, it was a refreshing brain cleanse when I came across the romance book cover, Love Again by Vonna Ivory Joseph. It was simple, sweet, and said everything it needed to say in almost one word… love. Hey, it was a surprise to me, too; I’m not one to turn away from a tantalizing sexy cover.

Yet, having been grateful for the visual sensory break, I decided to click over to peruse the blurb. And let me tell you. It was a joy to read. It was poetically sound with each paragraph. And by the last sentence, the cynic in me believed wholeheartedly in love again. I was like, aah, that’s beautiful. But you check it out and see for yourself.  All-in-all, Love Again by Author Vonna Ivory Joseph’s book cover delivers a visual cleanse reminding readers why they enjoy love stories.

LOVE AGAIN by Vonna Ivory Joseph

Romance Books to Read: Love Again by Author Vonna Ivory JosephFinding a man. No problem. Keeping him—now there’s the challenge.

Finding a man has never been the problem for Lacey Robinson, but keeping one has been a story with a less than happy ending. One too many failed relationships left the successful businesswoman jaded and ready to accept a loveless, but otherwise fulfilling life.

Following her latest stutter and stall on the way to the altar, Lacey’s convinced she’s the problem in her relationships. Never one to settle for mediocrity, Lacey sets her gifts on raising her son and being her best self.

Just as she’s finding her footing, she meets Zack Reid, a sexy and self-aware widower who’s learning to navigate life as a single man.
With pressure to settle down from Lacey’s family and pressure from Zack’s to get back to living, the gun-shy lovers find out how hard it is to mend hearts you didn’t break.

Do you know a book that had you warm and fuzzy from the start? We want to know about it. Feel free to share below.

And P.S. Is it aah or ahh? Because I’m super confused right now. Appreciate the help. “Aah, that’s beautiful!” Until next time, stay safe and no matter how big or small, remember to recognize your daily blessings.


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