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BLACK WEALTH Creates Family Conflicts in Romance Books Forty Acres & Down Home Blues by Author Phyllis Dixon

African-American Author Phyllis R. Dixon

STCC Book Club had the pleasure of reading two books by Phyllis Dixon that I really enjoyed. Both books were about the same family and she did an excellent job of writing about the drama and conflict of siblings over the parents’ money, even before the parents are gone. And the most shocking part in the book was . . . Now you know I can’t tell youuu. But what I can tell you, is that it was definitely an OMG moment.  You should read Forty Acres first. —  Would I read more by this author? Yes!

What STCC Book Club members had to say:

“It kept me interested all the way to the end.”  (Read the book)
“I had to keep reading; I wanted to know what happened to the characters.” (Read the book)
“There were too many characters.” (Listened to the Book)
“The characters didn’t bother me.” (Read the book)

Sometimes I think that reading the book verses listening to the book can result in a different experience.  It’s just my thought; the jury is still out on that one.  But, I thought I’d mention that as well.

Book: Forty Acres by by Phyllis R. DixonForty Acres

Folks sure do act funny, when it comes to money. No one gave the Washington family forty acres or a mule. C.W. Washington has risen from a sharecropper’s son to one of the largest black landowners in the county. But a stroke has forced him to retire from farming. Now he must decide what happens to his land. His children are coming home for the Fourth of July family reunion. Each has a suggestion, unfortunately, none of them agree… READ MORE 

BOOK: Down Home Blues by by Phyllis R. DixonDown Home Blues

HOME IS THE PLACE WHERE WHEN YOU HAVE TO GO THERE THEY HAVE TO LET YOU IN.  Eden, Arkansas is a town you are from, not move to. But when divorce, foreclosure, domestic violence, and an all-expense paid trip (also called prison) disrupt the Washington siblings’ perfectly planned lives, they end up back down home. Instead of serenity, sibling rivalries, divided loyalties and money squabbles resurface. Even the good news, that there may be natural gas on their father’s land, causes conflict. When their father, C.W. Washington, one of the largest landowners in the county, announces his… READ MORE 

Feel free to share if your book club has read any good books in the comments below.

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