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Romance Books

BOOKS TO READ | Romance Author Moni Boyce. If You Don’t Know, Then Ya’ Better Ask Somebody!

Romance Books Author Moni Boyce

I’m an avid reader. I read about 20 or more books a month. I’m always looking for new authors to recommend to my book clubs–yes, I’m in more than one or coming across authors that I never read before, and I found some books to read by author Moni Boyce.


Moni released her first book in January 2019, and by that December, she’d released a total of five books. I don’t know about you, but I thought it was pretty incredible for a first-time author. But to top it off, Moni won a 2020 RSJ Emma Award for her first novel, Redemption of the Heart, which was a page-turner and definitely worth adding to your books to read list. 

I read all of author Moni Boyce’s books that were released in 2019, and I have to say, I was very impressed with her stories. Not only did she publish a stand-alone novel, she also pushed on to publishing a four-book series all in one year. Curious, I reached out to author Moni Boyce to find out more about her process. I wanted to know how long it took her to write so many books.  

“I wrote the four-book series within a year. Once I got serious about a career as an author, I got really focused. This year, I’m not going to lie, Covid-19 has presented some challenges, as we all know. But I’ve been able to push through it by practicing consistency, self-care, and daily affirmations.”

Author Moni Boyce’s latest work in progress is a paranormal urban fantasy anthology project called Midnight Whispers, where readers can get 22 stories from 22 different authors for 99 cents during the pre-sale. I don’t know about you, but I’ve already added it to my own books to read list and getting mine for 99 cents while I can. CLICK HERE if you’re also interested in pre-ordering too. 


Romance Books: Author Moni BoyceIf you are looking for a new author to read or are a lover of series as I am, Moni Boyce is an author that I would highly recommend. I just purchased her latest novel, Love Delayed in Dublin, which is part of a new series called Ticket to True Love that she is working on, and I hope she makes Redemption of the Heart, into a series as well someday too. You can get her series, The Oracle Chronicles Box Set, her stand-alone romance book, Redemption of the Heart, her latest novel, Love Delayed in Dublin, and pre-order Midnight Whispers now.

Looks to me like author Moni Boyce has jumped headfirst into writing like a duck to water. Of course, we all know that writing is not quite that easy. It takes dedication and follow-through to get to the finished product. And she does a great job developing her characters. As a reader, you either love her characters or are purposefully led not to as you journey through her romance fictional worlds. I had my favorites, and I bet that you will too.  Happy reading!!!

You go Moni Boyce! Keep up the good work.

To learn more about Moni Boyce, visit her website:  moniboyce.com.


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