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BOOKS TO READ  |  Romance Book Author Lisa Rayne Wows Book Industry With Black Highlander

Book Industry Loving Romance Book Author - Never Cross A Highlander By Lisa Rayne

Romance Book Author Lisa Rayne Presents A New Approach to the Highlander Market

What could happen when you’re a romance book author attending the RSJ Virtual Romance Book Convention?
You get introduced to publishers.  And that meeting, just might lead to a contract with Entangled Publishing, a notable mention by Publisher’s Weekly for books to look for, an outstanding Kirkus Review, a guest blogging spot for Writer’s Digest, a Barnes & Noble book signing, and read on to learn more.

As a result of participating at the RSJ Virtual Romance Book Conference, well, let’s just say that author Lisa Rayne was at the right place at the right time to connect with book publisher Liz Pelletier, co-founder of Entangled Publishing. After connecting with Ms. Pelletier during one of RSJ Convention’s publisher spotlight sessions, Lisa Rayne arranged to pitch the cutting-edge entrepreneur a story concept that led to a publishing contract with Entangled’s Amara imprint for four historical romance novels, including a mass market paperback set to release this December that’s sure to shake up the romance book industry highlander market.  And with the stories enemies to lovers banter and action adventure, men as well as women are wanting to get their hands on it.  I myself, wouldn’t be a bit surprised if this turns out to also be what the film industry may be looking for as well.

A mashup of Dirty Harry in kilt with
a Mr. and Mrs. Smith vibe.

Is Romance Book Author Lisa Rayne A Debut Author?

Prior to signing with Entangled Publishing, Lisa self-published three contemporary romance novels. Her debut novel, Counselor Undone, is one of our all-time favorites and garnered her the coveted Emma Award for Debut Author of the Year, plus Best Interracial Romance of the Year, in 2016. In 2017, she followed that up with two more Emma Award honors for Best Novella (Runaway Heart) and for Book of the Year (Quarterback Casanova).

Now, Lisa is putting her banter-laden spin on 17th Century Scotland by penning a historical romance featuring a Black Highlander. Yes, you read that right. A BLACK HIGHLANDER! Can I get an amen? (And before you ask: yes, there were Black people in Scotland in the 16th and 17th Century.) The title of the upcoming book is Never Cross a Highlander, and she pitched it as a mashup of Dirty Harry in kilt with a Mr. and Mrs. Smith vibe. Sure makes me want to read it.

But if you need to know more, . . .

Never Cross A Highlander By Lisa Rayne

Second Chance Romance Collection

It’s the story of Highland warrior and army commander Duff Kallum MacNeill. Kallum has long guarded the secret of his late-night avenger activities. When he sets out to free a group enslaved in the king’s court and inadvertently kidnaps a servant lass with escape plans of her own, her refusal to cooperate jeopardizes the secret of his double life and turns him from her would-be savior to her surest foe. Turns out the greatest danger just might be to his heart.


What Does the Book Industry and Others have to say about this Romance Book Author and her Black Highlander Concept?

The milestone novel has received a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly (October 13, 2022) and has been hailed by Kirkus Reviews as “a flawless combination of modern-day issues and old-school romance” (November 8, 2022). And we are here for it!

the romance book genius of–think Beverly Jenkins and Julie Garwood–or legendary romantic suspense author Nora Roberts.

How refreshing to read a romance novel with true girth and depth. In an industry that has made shorter and quick reads the norm (in part to accommodate the desire of retailers to control how many of each particular title will fit on a shelf) and cultivated a community of readers who want to binge stories quickly, we’re used to those novels where the hero and heroine meet within the first few pages. In many cases, often jumping straight to the nooky. While there’s nothing wrong with this when done well, I’ve missed stories that aren’t afraid to give you a storyline broader than the underlying romance. Afterall, we know there’s going to be a happily-ever-after. Getting to that endgame is the fun part.

So like the great old-school, historical romance spinners who started their craft in the late 80’s and early 90’s–think Beverly Jenkins and Julie Garwood–or legendary romantic suspense author Nora Roberts, Lisa Rayne introduces the world of her main characters before they get their meet cute. She then deftly weaves every tidbit we learn about the hero and heroine in the first two chapters seamlessly into the plot that unfolds over time.

Intrigued yet? No? Ahhh, you must have not taken a look at that cover! It makes you want to drool.

If you’re interested in learning more about the making of a Black Highlander, connect with Lisa on Instagram or TikTok at @authorrayne or join her VIP Group on Facebook, Lisa’s Rayne Makers (Readers’ Salon), for insider news, exclusive previews, giveaways, and lots of fun and games. Also, we’ll be doing an interview series with Lisa soon. So, stay tuned.

In the meantime, we can’t wait for Never Cross a Highlander to drop on December 27th, 2022. What about you? It’s available for pre-order, so click here now!


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