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SELF-LOVE | What Are You Looking Forward To This Month? Your Mental Health Depends On It!


What are you looking forward to doing this month? Because if the answer is nothing, then there’s a problem.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Life is short!” And we often make mental agreements with ourselves to remember to live life to the fullest.  And then Monday comes back around, and we are back to being our regular self. That’s right, full of priorities that don’t bring us peace, fulfillment, and most definitely don’t bring us joy. Have you ever made a promise with yourself to live every day as if it was your last but found yourself not doing it?

Well, I’ve done the same. But I’ve found a way to turn things around and make my mental well-being, even in my busy world that I call my life, an essential element of my day-to-day. Can I share it with you?

You Are Important! Treat yourself like #1.

I committed to taking at least one day in the month that removes me from the rat race and throughout the week I plan one to two hour timeouts. Granted, more than one day would be best, but I figured if I could just commit to the one day, then later maybe I’ll be able to add two.  I would always have the best intentions of planning more “fun times,” but by the end of the month, I’d look up, the month was over, and I was starting to pay the bills all over again and hadn’t done anything other than work. It’s amazing how quickly the months go by or the years for that matter.


So why don’t you make this commitment to yourself with me? I don’t care who or what it is that’s keeping you from putting yourself as number one. Make a promise to yourself that at least one day a month, you’ll do something in your life that brings you joy, laughter, relaxation, fulfillment, or all of the above. And an absolute must throughout your day is to find an hour of quite time for you and only you.  It just has to be one.

When you were a young child, naps were probably a daily regimen.  So what makes us all think that just because we’re adults, we don’t also need a timeout.  Now I’m not saying that your hour has to be spent napping, but it should include quite or calm soothing music–a moment for your brain to turn off and just breathe.  The Covid-19 pandemic has been trying on us all.  Some have lost loved ones, others have lost jobs, and all have been mentally challenged.


Your homework is to find an answer in your life to the question: What are you looking forward to doing this month? Whether it’s a movie or game night with your favorite girls, a picnic at the beach, a spa day with your feet up wiggling your toes or a tourist excursion in your city where you live. Yeh, that one you’d never think to explore simply because you’re a local resident; you get the picture.

Okay, scratch that. Now that we’re in the middle of the Covid-19 quarantine, you’ll have to get even more creative. But the same concept still applies even more than ever before. Find a way to do something for you. Maybe create a girlfriend’s Skype night, start writing that novel you keep saying you want to do, or make your homes outdoor space your new hobby. There is nothing better than a sweet outdoor spot to put your feet up and have a drink.  Make your home your castle and between it all remember to timeout.

Can I share something else with you? Meditation is a way to be kind to yourself–self-love baby. Maybe you chart out a morning time before everyone’s awake to find your center or if meditation is something that you can’t yet get into, find a quite spot to relax with soothing music and your ear pods on while closing your eyes and calmly breathing in…. and out…..  I consider reading to be a timeout of sorts because it allows me to check out of my own world and into somebody else’s.  Yet, because my mind is still so actively engaged on the story at hand, I do recommend still finding moments of quite time for your brain to relax.  Meditation even once a week works. Your well-being depends on it, and you’ll be happy when all is said and done that you did.

Welcome to the most crucial assignment in your life. I want you to commit to taking care of you. I know you’re busy, and you have the best intentions, but the everyday grind of life can get challenging. Before you know it, the month is over, and you’ve taken care of everybody, and no one’s taken care of you.  So schedule time for your own wellness.


Take out your calendar right now and set a reminder that says: I Am Important! Because it’s about taking care of you by unplugging from life to actually have one.  And if you don’t have a planner, get one; I’ll have some favorite pics of my own up for you next week to choose from.

All-in-all, don’t forget about the most important person in your life: YOU. When you take care of yourself, you are at your best to help others. It is so important for your health and wellness needs.  And if you need help remembering that, then subscribe to The Write DNA below, and I’ll send you “Self-Love” reminders to help you center and focus on you.

Don’t let yourself down because you are an essential part of finding your joy, your laughter, your relaxation, and your fulfillment. You and only you are in control of your happiness. So tell me, What are you looking forward to doing this month?


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