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INSPIRATION | Get Out Of Your Way by Erika T. Moore (PODCAST LOVE)

PODCAST LOVE: Get out of your way by Erika T. Moore

FEELING LIKE YOU JUST NEED SOME KIND OF DIRECTION or JUST A REMINDER TO HELP YOU STAY CENTERED? Listen to author Erika Moore’s podcast, Get out of your way: The Daily Chronicles with Erika T. Moore.  Or shall I say Author/Pastor Erika T. Moore. It will leave you both encouraged and uplifted.

Everyday I’m so busy and it was a welcome change to the rat race.  The smooth jazz in the background setting a peaceful mood and the powerful words offered by Erika made for a wonderful relaxing mix.  Her words are both thoughtful and profound. She has a unique way of calmly delivering such intellectual depth in a smooth way that’s intensely felt.  Who doesn’t need help staying centered!  And if you say, “I don’t.” Then I want you to be the first one to go on over there and listen to it – quick!

I simply loved THE PODCAST!

Podcast: Erika T. Moore

I found it to be such a peaceful accompaniment while I worked on the computer yesterday. I’m sharing her gift with you today.  And if you listen to her podcast on Spotify and find you want even more from Erika, you can always follow her posts on her Facebook page, “I’m Writing My Way Into My Destiny.”  Enjoy the podcast.  And remember to get out of your own way.


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