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ARTIST EXHIBIT | First Ever Solo Show for Contemporary Artist Laurence M. White

Artist Laurence M. White from Essex, England


If you haven’t yet been privy to the fabulous talent of artist Laurence M White from Essex, England, then you are really in for a treat. Mr. White is fastly becoming well known both in the UK and over the sea in the States for his exceptional renditions of black and white portraits of celebrities and noted figures.  And today marks a paramount point in his career with his first solo art exhibit.

I just throw a little paint
here and there and voilà.

What Does Artist Laurence M. White Paint?

Adele Painting by artist Laurence M. WhiteWhether painting iconic celebrities such as Whitney Houston, Adele, Oprah Winfrey, The Queen of England, and more, each portrait strikes a remarkable likeness of each subject and evokes great emotion. Amazing does not even do his work justice. Having captured the characteristics of each subject, he’s managed to capture their soul. Through eyes, poses, and mannerisms painted on canvas, almost as if it was a still photograph, Mr. White gives us the gift of spending an intimate moment with some of the greatest icons of our time.

When asked how on earth he manages to do such exceptional work. Mr. White answered, “I just throw a little paint here and there and voilà.” If you ask me, the mark of a true artist–born with talent.

Those who are lucky enough to snag a piece from his collection will have valued pieces of art you can hand down from generation to generation. Guaranteed to be conversation pieces for visitors to your home or office, each original work of art in the collection sells for £4995 each. Limited edition prints of his previous work sell for about £79. Visit: https://laurencemwhite.com.

What artist Laurence M. White does before each painting.

The time and details put into each artistic project starts with a blank canvas painted with 6-8 coats of white paint. Yes, a time-consuming task overlooked by most art enthusiasts. Hard work has already begun before putting the first line of each drawing down on canvas. And for writers and artists who have spent hours pouring their hearts into each creative project, the exciting day finally comes when it is time to launch.

The Role Social Media Played in Getting Exposure

Thanks to social media, fans from all over the world have been able to follow artist Laurence M. White throughout his journey. Privilege to Mr. White sharing his journey and his process at times, it’s been amazing to see each work of art come to life. As writers are also artists, I think we can all learn from his advice to aspiring artists regarding social media and the role that it plays.


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Artist Exhibit Showing Now:
Meet Artist Laurence M. White

Today, February 17th, marks Mr. Laurence M. White’s first EVER solo show at London’s five-star South Place Hotel. Grab your classiest rags and find a designated driver because I’m sure he would love to see you visit the show. But get ready for an experience because it’s going to be grand.
Artist Showing Solo Debut: Laurence M. White (Essex, England)Thanks to Mr. White, we also get an exclusive sneak peek at the exhibition ahead of the show this evening. As any artist knows, this is to be a special night.

To learn more about artist Laurence M. White and get more peeks into his journey, follow him on Instagram @Laurence_m_white.


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