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BOOK MARKETING: Mystery Box by CovertoCoverBookBox

Have you experienced that LCS Instagram (IG) moment? Let’s talk about the Mystery Giveaway Box and a Little Book Marketing.

Picture it. I’ve had a long hard day’s work pulled in every direction but my own. So, I log onto Instagram because, well, why not. I answer some IG messages, you know, those ones that should have been responded to days ago. And I have fun engaging with those who’ve engaged with me. It’s fun seeing what others are saying and really just shooting the shit.  I’m sorry, (rolls eyes and sarcastically says) shooting the breeze.

I find engaging easy on Instagram because it’s easy for me to be myself; it comes naturally and the comments are fun. But, it’s the image posting that has me all tied up in knots. Yeh, no. No picture of me, thanks. I’ve probably just woken up and sat at my computer before even brushing my hair or my teeth–not going to reveal myself, thank you. Hey, I’ll get to it at lunch or probably right before my 1 pm zoom meeting.  Ummm, maybe I’ve shared too much. Look, they really shouldn’t make pajamas so comfortable if they expect you to get out of them in the morning. I see you out there. Yeah, I see those of you who have strolled over to the grocery store on one or two occasions still sporting your night rags under your coat.  “I mean, we just need milk & eggs.”  You feel me right?

Anyway, so after being polite and answering messages. I finally get to the feed. Okay, who am I kidding? Yes, the feed distracted me the moment I got in there. I scrolled a bit, eyeing those red notification feeds staring at me from the top right cover of Instagram as I kept scrolling the most recent feed. Then finally, I strolled over to my messages. Alright!

Book Marketing & Giveaways:  What’s an LCS Moment?

So, what do you think I saw in the feed? An LCS moment from @covertocoverbookbox. The IG post that was large, and oh so Canva rocks said “Mystery Giveaway Box,” and everything in me tingled. I was like, “Ow. Mystery Box? What’s in the box?” What is it about us that makes us have to know what is in the box! And what do you have to do to have a chance at getting your hands on the Mystery Giveaway Box? I’m glad you asked.

You have to Like, Comment, Save the post, tag 3 friends, anddddd something else.  Well, you’ll just have to go over there and find out for yourself because I’ve clearly forgotten.  Or have I? That’s right, an LCS moment is waiting for you.  If that’s not a thing, an LCS moment, it should be. It’s a pretty impressive way to get product reviews as the rules state you have to comment on what you like about their boxes while also following @covertocoverbookbox and @booksandprime.

Take a marketing note, authors.  This is how you market your book that also gets people talking about your book.  Because, if nobody is talking about your book, then nobody is buying your book.

There are still 8 days left now for you to experience this LCS moment for yourself, so head over to Instagram now. As a result of being so exited, I think I already failed to follow the instructions correctly, but I still want to know what is in that damn box.

While you’re over there in Instagram, you might as well follow me too @TheWriteDNA. I mean, you’re already there. (Long space of awkward silence.). Okay, just follow me, don’t be rude. I’ll see you around the IG sometime. Bye for now! Click Here to fol-low me on Instagram! …(shakes head side-to-side, huffs, and walks off.)  Catch’a later!

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