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Banned Hashtags + Book Marketing
List of BANNED HASHTAGS to Avoid

Marketing:  Are we having fun with it yet?  I’ve been trying to ensure that we don’t leave off hashtags when we post on Instagram. It is really a pain for me as we need multiple lists of hashtags for posting. Marketing experts suggest that we switch hashtags up as duplicated hashtag sequences don’t help in that it negatively impacts your engagement and makes you look spammy to Instagram.

So imagine my surprise when I ran across banned hashtags. Yep, specific hashtags have actually been banned. Meaning if you use one of them, the reach of your post won’t go very far. And it’s as innocent as this. Have you ever used #newyearsday or #valentinesday? Well, if so, stop. They are just two of the many hashtags listed on the banned hashtags to avoid in 2021 listed on the Kicksta website.

Want the complete list of banned hashtags to avoid for 2021? CLICK HERE.

Get the List of Banned Hashtags.

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